Saturday, September 26, 2009

the switch?

So I sneaked a day early peek at the scale change WTF? I did get my period this afternoon so that may have an effect on my weight but geez.

I decided that I am giving weight watchers one more week then I am going to cancel my online subscription. I will then try to move on to counting calories. My main worry about counting calories is that there is no true accountability, but I suppose that there isn't really any with ww online either. I think I might try again. So I guess this week will decide how I proceed.

What has also what this on is that my friend that I am going on the cruise with has been using the calorie counting method and has had much better results than I have. I think that maybe I just need to focus on calories in and calories out. My first question is..What do you do if you are going to spurge and go over your calories? Ww did prepare me for that....DO you just cut back the next day or work out more? I am thinking that counting calories may be more realistic than ww. I am so confused.

What do you think? Have you switched from counting points to counting calories?


mythreemonthokinawadiet said...

Hello, I just stumbled upon you blog. Your blog title "food coma" drew me in. What does food coma mean to you.

Dieting is journey, isint it?

have a nice day

Food Coma said...

To me a food coma has many definitions. One being that feeling you have when you walk out of the Olive Garden and can barely move or think. Or it can be the overwhelming feeling of trying to plan your meals for the week. Maybe it is the shock and complete confusion that you might feel when you look up the unsuspectingly outrageous nutritional information for a seemingly innocent lunch.

Bri said...

I don't know. Calorie counting seems even more tedious than Weight Watchers. Could it just be possible that you are having a plateau? I mean, Weight Watchers is about calories in/calories out too, so if you're just going at it from that angle I don't really think it's going to make a difference.

Are you eating any activity points? Any of your WPA?

Whatever you're doing with WWers, switch it up a bit. If you normally eat all your WPA, only eat half this week. If you never eat any, have a splurge day. Do something to confuse your body and I bet you'll see the scale move! Don't give up!

Food Coma said...

Bri, I usually shift my points consumption around as needed. Some weeks I eat my flex some I don't. When I compare the average # of calories per point I think I am eating too much with ww to lose. I have tried counting calories before and yes it is hard but it seems to be a simpler concept as far as activity goes. I am really undecided at this point.

S said...

For counting calories online, you can try I also like to check out for calorie and nutritional counts on things. Also, if you have a smartphone, often there are applications you can download to help you with this. I have a Palm (circa early 2008) and I download an app and paid about $30.00 for it. For some foods I've had to add them to the nutritional database, but hey it helps keep my accountable. Good luck!!