Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I have been logging my food on both ww and calorie count and have found that although my points are correct I am taking in way too many calories! I have used 22 out of the 24 points today but have consumed 1300 calories. To put that in perspective, I need to take in 1200 or less calories to lose 2lbs a week. Very interesting.

I am still sticking to ww this week to see what happens but I am definitely leaning towards going to counting calories.

EDIT- I checked my points quiz and since I hit 174 this week I have now dropped down to 23 points a day. BTW why don't your points adjust on thier own as you log your weight online?

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Bre said...

Let me see if I can explain this correctly - your points will drop down one point once you go into the next decade for example once you dip below 170 - you will lose that one extra point you had for being 170 and your beginning points will be 10% of your body weight or "16" and the plus the rest of the points you get for various things.. I had a leader tell me for every 10 pounds I lost I would lose a point as well, but it is actually each decade you hit weight wise, not lost wise. I hope that makes sense...