Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm pissed off at myself. A whole month of not losing any weight is unexceptable. I know I must be doing something wrong, missing something. I am following the healthy guidelines, keeping to my points, changing up my food, getting exercise and anything else I can think of. I must be drinking melted butter in my sleep! Does homework have calories? I am on my feet all day long in a classroom moving around. We walk a mile a day most days, and I am running 2-3 times a week. My points are set for the lowest activity level. I eat all my points, flex, and activity too some weeks.

On area I know I should work on is eating less precessed foods. I could cut back on the diet coke and drink more water. (I do get the 6 servings of water recomended).

I feel like something has got to give. I have been so patient with my weight loss this time but I do need some progress I am human after all. Please understand I am not in any way shape or form planning on giving up, like I would have before. I am not binging, just trucking along.

Bottom line keep me in your weight loss prayers, I could use the help!


marie said...

I have no advice but am going through the same thing in terms of tracking not showing up on the scale.

Don't give up and try measuring success in other ways until the scale cooperates.

gettingandstayinghealthy said...

Time to switch it up.

Do you eat the same things? Try new recipes.

Do you do the same workouts? Try something completely different.

Meredith said...

I am sorry! When you work hard and don't see results that sucks! I would suggest eating less processed food. When I did that I saw a difference in my body and on the scale. I don't eat perfectly "clean" foods but I am eating cleaner than I did this time last year. It made a difference for me. Good luck!

S said...

I have never done the weight watchers point system, but I would look at how many calories you are eating a day, your BMR, and the exercise you are getting. Maybe you are not eating enough calories? Also, I would try upping your water by 1 more cup. I also recommend, like the others, trying a different exercise.

Keep up your hard work though! You can do it!!!!

totegirl said...

Oh man. I get your frustration, and I'm glad you are not giving up. I read something once that it takes 4 weeks of total consistency to see real results, so I hope that it starts happening soon.

If you feel even a tiny bit like you are getting too many processed foods, then stop that. Eating clean, whole foods is a pain in the ass, but it works. Maybe try that for a while?

(((HUGS))) to you sweet girl. Don't give up because you even if the scale doesn't move, your insides will thank you for taking care of them.

myworldinmywords said...

you said you are eating all of your flex points. do you mean the 30 extra points you get a week? if so, these points aren't intended to all be eaten every week, they are meant to give you a bit of wiggle room. if you are eating all of those very week, then you are eating enough calories to maintain your current weight. perhaps this is the problem. try not to use any of these points if you can help it.

Food Coma said...

Interesting, I was always told to use them. Most weeks I do eat them though, might be something to cut back on I guess.

myworldinmywords said...

well if that is what you have been doing all along, i can almost guarantee you that you will see a difference when you use them as a last resort. for example it's your birthday and you go out for dinner and can't have cake because u will go over that day, you take the points from flex, but only for things like that. i hope this helps.