Wednesday, September 30, 2009

home day

So I decided to stay home today and take a little break. My weekends have benn really full and I haven't had a day off to myself for a while. So far it has been a good morning. I woke up and hopped on the scale, I saw a good number.

I have to say eating just my 23 points must work. I wish I had realized this 4 month ago. Its not easy to stay with in such a small amount of points but so far it hasn't been too bad. Of course I haven't had to eat out yet either. I wonder why I have always been told to eat my flex? I suppose I should have realized that I would lose more if I didn't but I guess I thought the 35 was built into my weekly calories.

I am kind of shocked to think about how many calories I must have been consuming when I used all my flex points. AND I thought I was being good and dieting. It really pisses me off that if I had just reined myself in those extra points that I could have lost so much more weight. Oh well I guess now I know. SO maybe basically the flex points are just to keep you from going crazy when you go over your points? I feel like I am looking at ww from new eyes.

Next weekend we will be traveling up north and visiting the family. It should be nice but also it should be a food challenge. On the plus side I am (from todays impromptu weigh in) about 17lbs lighter than the last time the family has seen me. It should be interesting to see if they notice and even if they do they might not say anything. I had been waiting to visit until November so that it would be an even bigger difference but that's ok.

Anyways this is post one of the day off know there will probably be more since I will be home thinking about life with my computer.

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