Sunday, September 20, 2009

This is week four of weighing 175lbs. It kinda sucks. I'm disappointed because I am following the program. I know that my only choice is to wait it out and keep doing what I am doing. I really hope I see a change next week. Clearly eating all my points (including activity) was a bad idea. I will try to stick to my daily points and flex points this week. Possibly even trying to keep 1/2 my flex too. There is no way I am meeting my goal at this rate! I need to focus.

I did meet most of my goals. I did drink a bottle of water 5 out of 7 mornings (not too bad). I ran 3 times (check) and I didn't weigh myself until today (check). So not too bad there.

I plan on keeping the same exact goals for this week because I think they are good ones.


starfish264 said...

Hey - god knows we all have weeks when it doesn't go the direction we think it should and we've put in the work - stick with it and your body will catch up. Don't worry about messing around with your habits too much - if the basic energy in less than energy out are covered then you're body will catch up.

Good luck for this week, hon.

Meredith said...

Stay focused! You'll do it. Check out my latest post (Saturday) for motivation. You can clearly changee your body! Don't give up. YOU WILL GET THERE!