Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Checking in

I am feeling a little lost. I think because I haven't seen progress in a couple weeks. I have been eating pretty well but maybe not well enough. I'm not saying that the program isn't working but I guess I know when I don't give it my all then I can't expect results. I'm trying but I guess not hard enough.
I think that I need to mix it up a little. I am working on keeping my points in check, probably not using all of my flex and none of my activity. That's the plan Stan. I am also kicking up my activity this week. Did I mention that the school I am interning at does a walking program? Most days weather permitting we walk a mile in the morning. I am loving it.

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Kat said...

It sounds like you are at a plateau. Hang in there and keep taking care of yourself. I had a three week plateau in July and just tried to be patient. Eventually it broke, but it was hard to be patient!