Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Will I ever wear a bikini?

I have always thought that I would never wear a bikini that I had ruined my body. I have had stretch marks on my belly and hips as long as I can remember. A lot of them are old faded to white but still visable. My question is for those of you who are near your goal....Do you bare your belly? Have your stretch marks changed with the weight loss? Will I even wear a bikini!?


Meredith said...

I am 27 years old and from the ages of 16-26 I never wore on. I didn't like the way my body looked. This past May I did wear one and felt great. Yes I am not a supermodel but it is my strong body that has allowed me to lose weight and run races. That body should be admired, even with my stretchmarks and belly.

starfish264 said...

Hon - nobody is perfect. I have friends who are size 8 and have stretch marks and they've never been overweight in their life - it's just something we get when we grow up and our skin can't keep up with us.

I'm not that close to goal yet - I've lost 3 stone fo the 5 stone I intend to lose, and I'm now a UK 16. I have stretch marks across my hips - but so does pretty much everyone else on the beach if you look carefully, unless they are a sodding luck bastard! I wore a bikini about 3 weeks ago in Croatia. It's more about confidence than anything. I'm heading off to Egypt in 2 months and I sure as hell intend to spend pretty much the entire week in a parade of bikinis - and that's going to be in front of gorgeous gnarly windsurfer dudes and surf bunnies - because I've come to the conclusion that really, as long as I'm comfortable, they can think what they want.

Yes - in other words - you will one day wear a bikini - when your confidence catches up with you. Give it time. xx

ps - in the meantime - I use Bio-Oil when I remember to try and help minimise some of the stretch-marks - I know it's not a perfect cure, but it also helps keep my skin super moisturised, which I figure will help it ping back into shape as I lose more weight.

Food Coma said...

Woo hoo I cannot wait!