Thursday, July 23, 2009


I am heading out to visit the inlaws and attend my nephew's first birthday. I will be gone until late Sunday. I am looking forward to getting away (they live 4 hours north in the middle of the woods-one horse town type of place) I don't really enjoy the country living but it is nice to be away from the errands, bill paying, and cleaning. I get to relax a little.

The downside they don't have a shower, just a tub. No running for me without a shower. To top it off they are not healthy eaters. They are we work in the woods and need our potatoes and meat and white bread. Not a whole lot of patience for buying (more expensive) health foods. I mean they would support me but not really understand. I usually just try to watch portion control when I am there.

My goal for this weekend is not to lose because that is just not reasonable for me with a weekend away. I am just hoping to stay the same. I know that after this weekend I will want to get back to my healthy eating, I usually miss it.

So since I only got one run with my Nike+ sportband I haven't written a real review on it. I really enjoyed using it but I will have more of an opinion later. Well I am off for now talk to you all in a few days (there is no internet in the woods) have a great weekend!

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Christina said...

Have a great time this weekend! Looks ike you've got everything pretty much planned out with just watching your portion control. You'll do great I know it!