Sunday, July 19, 2009

Goodbye 180s

Holy cow! I weighed in at 179 this morning! Yay!!! I am out of the 180s!

That being said after I rest my points yesterday to 25, with my new weight I am down to 24pts a day! wow that is a big change from 27 but hey maybe that's why it took so long to lose this pound. I can do 24 pts a day, it is on.

I really needed this loss as you can probably tell from yesterdays posts it was really getting me down being stuck at 180 for 4 weeks. Maybe all my working out will start paying off too!

Anyway I slept in today so I need to go eat some breakfast!


Rosie said...

Congratulations... doesn't it feel good to be in the 170's now you can tell people when asked... "Oohhh I'm one 170-something..." :)

totegirl said...

Woohoo! It does sometimes take 4 weeks according to Debbie Seibers and that Body for Life dude, but once it starts coming off, look out! Keep up the great work Jess!