Friday, July 3, 2009

not scared

I didn't run yesterday and it didn't scare me. Let me explain, usually if I miss a day I end up missing 20 or never starting again. It is just how I am I am one of those all or nothing people I am either doing it everyday or not at all.

SO yesterday when I was just exhausted from being at work 2 hours earlier than usual I decided to take the night off. I was feeling ok about it though because I have come to the conclusion that this time I am changing my life. This is how I will continue to eat and workout. This is my new life. There is no giving up, but there are rest days.


marie said...

You NEED rest days.

You ARE doing the right thing :)

totegirl said...

EXACTLY! That's the perfect attitude, Jess! It's cool when you figure that out because, let's face it, doesn't the world put enough pressure on us? We need to be kind to ourselves. And that is a kind thing to do for yourself. Hooray!