Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ok day

Today has been just ok, nothing great. My eating was fine a little on the high points side but mostly because I ate often. I had a ton of water and a couple diet cokes.

I ran on my lunch break and I have to say week 3 is kinda lame. In the beginning I expected to repeat some weeks and I did on 1 and 2. Week 3 always intimidated me I had never made it through week 2 however now I think I am going to skip it! It is basically a 90 second interval then a 3 minute with some walking inbetween then the interval is repeated. Considering that last week I ran 4 3 minute intervals week 3 seems to be back tracking. SO I deleted it off the ipod and I am pressing on to week 4 which consisted of 3 and 5 minute intervals.

So that means I have already met one of this weeks goals YAY!

On a more somber note I weighed my self this morning only to see a gain of 1.5ish pounds. That sucks hoepfully it will disapear when my period goes away. I am hiding my scale tonight.

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