Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lowered points..

Wow I really hope that lowering my points this week pays off! (don't worry it is the recommended amount for the 170s) I just hope it works because I have been struggling with it a little, I am however using my weekly allowance to cover my overages. I haven't been using them to splurge but rather to just get by. And I think that is it good. I always enjoyed splurging but in the end it left me feeling like I wasted my points. It is usually going out to eat and having something really really good but really really bad on points.

It feels so much more controlled to use my weeklies over the course of the week as needed. I actually don't like eating out most of the time because most foods are so unnecessarily unhealthy in restaurants. I would rather make those foods at home and modify them but even just making them as they are in the restaurant (full fat cheese, white bread etc) and it is healthier than the restaurant version. Restaurants actually scare me now that I have seen the nutritional info on them. What a waste! Some restaurants make McD's look good!! SCARY!

Ok I am done my restaurant rant, I guess my overall point is that I better lose something this week!! : P

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