Sunday, July 5, 2009


Ok so I weighed in today and guess what happened?? Oh yeah nothing. I am frustrated because I am doing everything right! I workout multiple times a week running, I journaled all my eating, I ate almost all my weekly points, and I didn't eat out. I haven't been hungry because I eat when I need to and I have been eating really balanced. I have been eating breakfast and drinking enough water.

As frustrating as this is I am not having that usual feeling of wanting to give up. I can't give up because there is nothing to give up, this is how I am living. I am really focused to becoming a healthy person. I don't feel like I am on a diet but rather that this is my diet. Diet is what you eat not a way to eat.

I have never been one to play the blame game, actually it is one of the reasons I don't go to meetings anymore. I can't handle all the people coming up with excuses while waiting to weigh in . "oh I drank a lot of water today" or "my mother in law is staying with us". Sure sometimes its probably true but the bottom line is that excuses don't help you have a smaller number on the scale. That being said I have no idea why I didn't lose this week but I didn't but I probably will next week.

I did wake up this morning with my TOM and that sucked too. I was woken up by cramps, seriously painful ones. What a horrible way to wake up on a sleep in Sunday morning. I am looking forward to lots of running this week to fight cramps.

I met lots of my goals for this week.
1.I didn't eat out at all this week. CHECK
2. I not only went up to 2 minute intervals but then moved up to 3minutes! DOUBLE CHECK
3. Commercial crunches- well a did it a few times but overall probably a half check

Not too shabby over all. I will post this weeks goals later today I really want to put some good thought into them. Also this post is getting wayyyyy too long! Sorry!


Crystal said...

Are you eating your activity points? Is it possible that you're not eating enough since you are exercising a lot??

Awesome job on completing your goals!!

totegirl said...

Excellent! Look, you know that working out makes your muscles all swole up with water, right? You are doing everything right. Keep doing it and see if it doesn't all fall off after 4 weeks of consistency. That's what I've always heard...not that I've ever done 4 weeks straight of anything! But yeah, muscles are tricky things. We burn fat from the inside of our muscles first. All the visible fat? Yeah, that shit comes off last! Typical!

Food Coma said...

I didn't eat my activity points this week but simply because I had eaten enough and I hate forcing myself to eat. I swear I even had ice cream!

No worries I am going to keep it up who knows maybe I will have a 2 lb loss next week!