Monday, July 20, 2009

It's funny..

that I am sitting here tinking about how I need to go for a run and shred. Just sitting here thinking where is the doing?! Haah My current excuse is that I just ate lunch and my stomach needs to settle. I totally should have run before I ate. Oh well lesson learned.

The plan is that I cannot go out and run my errands until I run and shower. SO I really need to get this done! I haven't decided whether to shred after my run or to wait until the husband gets home since he hasn't shredded in days.

I guess I just wanted to document my procrastination so I could see it! Its silly really. NIke says it best "Just do it!"


Amie said...

I would wait for your hubby to do the shred. Hubbys need exercise, too! Unless, of course, you think that will lead to not doing it, then go ahead without him ;)

jenn said...

I was going to say, "Do it now! and get it over with so you can get on with the rest of your day." Because what if your hubby comes home and doesn't feel like working out?? Then the day will be over.

One thing I do if I don't feel like working out, is just tell myself I'll do 10 minutes, and if I still am not feeling it, I can stop, but once I start, I'm usually ok!

Jenn @

totegirl said...

Dude, how awesome is that plan? No errands until you're done running? Nice plan lady!