Wednesday, July 29, 2009

feeling hot hot hot

Wowzer is it hot here and it is killing my running schedule. I gotta break it down I have no ac and it is in the 80's here and really humid. To me that equals no running for me. My eating has been good though and I got in lots of water. I'm not feeling too bad about it.

Tomorrow is my day off so I hope to get a run in in the AM and get it out of the way before it heats up here. I have plans to meet a friend for lunch at a sandwich place not too worried about finding something decently healthy there. It looks like another scortcher tomorrow so maybe I might even hit the beach for a bit to read and hang out. I bet there will be some ice cream in my future!!

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totegirl said...

Did you see that post about the banana "ice cream"? It looks awesome!

It's hot as Hades here in Austin, but I wear a Camelbak packed with ice water, and I swear, it lowers my body temperature so that I can stay out there. Of course, I'm totally used to it. Austin doesn't get much of a winter. Or fall. Haha!