Friday, July 17, 2009

Run and Shred #4

This was the toughest run I have had in weeks. I think doing the shred dvd is seriously effecting my running ability. I am not giving up yet though I am hoping that I will be less sore after the next few days of shredding.

Now after my run I moved right in to the shred dvd because I know that if I shred first I am too tired to run after. This combination is really tough but at least I know I have my run done and just 20 minutes of Jillian to go.

Wow Shredding is still hard, I am sweating like crazy. I have found that if I massage my quads after my work out it helps with the soreness. You can use a rolling pin or I use a tortilla roller that someone gave us that has never made a single tortilla in its life.

I have realized how far I have come as far as working out. I don't make as many excuses anymore. I instead come up with plans so that I can get the work out in. I am hoping the fact that I have so much free time this summer will really get me ready for when I don't have much time in the fall. I want this to be who I am, a healthy person who works out because it is a part of her life not just because she wants to lose a few pounds.

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Christina said...

You are so motivating to me. I can't imagine going out to run and then coming back to do the shred. I watched a video clip of it last night and it looks intense. I'm still going to pick it up this weekend! Thanks for the extra motivation!!!!