Sunday, January 4, 2009

2 part post

As I get ready to head out the door this morning I am concerned that I have gained weight, my scale says 1-2 lbs. It frustrates me so much because I counted every point, got activity, and drank water. I am hoping it is wrong, because like times before I am afraid that gaining will make me lose my motivation. 

1 Hour later

I'm back from weighing in and yeah I gained 1.2lbs. It sucks and I am a little disappointed. 

Ok you may now enter the conversation in my head.....

Well I stayed within my points this week, I counted everything that entered my mouth, I should have lost something!
I exercised and earned 13 activity points of which I only ate 2. I should have lost something. How can I gain on my third week of weight watchers? What am I doing wrong? Dammit not again!!
Ok well maybe my muscles are a little heavy from all the walking I did yesterday. I know that dinner was really high in sodium, and I didn't drink as much water as I should have this week. Ok well I just bought some healthy groceries and I am feeling better about my body. Next week should be a decent loss.
I have no choice but to push on. 

Exit my head.

So the question is do I keep working out? DO I just focus on my diet? Will it balance out?


Criztawl said...

Things will balance out ... just keep pushing ahead. Not every week are you going to see a loss, some weeks might be a gain or staying the same. Things will work out though ... who knows, next week might be a very wicked loss.

You go to meetings right? Maybe talk to your leader about the muscle gain and such.

hannah katherine said...

Hey Jess - I doubt it's muscles, my guess is it's salt. I had a THREE POUND GAIN overnight this week from eating a sodium-laden meal. Don't worry - next week will be a loss - just keep eating healthy and exercising. You can do it : )

Fatinah said...

it is likely the sodium. You may also not be eating enough of your activity points. Sometimes your body needs time to adjust to increased activity. Keep up the good work and you will likely see a nice loss next week!

Andrea said...

It will balance out! My weight goes up and down daily because of sodium. And like someone else said, try eating more of your Activity Points, it works wonders for me!

karen said...

Ditto what the others said about eating those APs. When I was doing WW I only ever had good weeks the weeks that I ate the majority of my points -- the 35 AND the APs. You might also want to look up the Wendie Plan to give you a way to just shake up your metabolism. It's WW ... with a twist :)