Thursday, January 1, 2009

I heart Jeans

Kind of a strange comment for a girl who is battling her weight. I love love love jeans. I hate hate hate muffin top. For me 90% of the time Jeans=Muffin top so I was pleasantly surprised today when I tried on some of my jeans. 
Ok let me back up a little, about 2 months ago I came acrossed some very cute American Eagle jeans at the local Marshalls for a rediculously low price. I loved them, they didn't nessessarily love me but I bought them anyways. Two pairs actually. They are denim trouser type pants, you know the kind that can be worn dressy or casual. Normally probably $40-50, I got them from for $16.98 come on who wouldn't have bought them? Well they were really tight, too tight to wear and caused serious muffintop. 
Ok back to my point, I tried them on today and was really pleasently surprised by the lack of muffin top. I bet I will be wearing them very comfortably by this time next month. Victory!!

It is amazing how much 5-10lbs can make in your body. I had completely forgotten how fast your body can change in the beginning of your weight loss.  My goal in my weight loss has always been to be able to dress in the clothes that i love, to invest in really nice clothes knowing that they will look good and last forever. I love fashion and cannot wait until I can rock out anything I want and feel good about myself. 



Criztawl said...

I cannot wait to be able to try on my old clothes. Right now I'm at the point where nothing is fitting and if it does fit it just looks like shit on me. I have a HUGE pile of wicked clothes that I love that WILL fit me sometime this year!!

Nancy said...

That is awesome that those jeans fit so well! That must be a great feeling... good job :)

I gotta find me some wicked deals like that!