Thursday, January 8, 2009

Busy day..

Today I spent some time fixing my financial aid for this coming semester yay more loans : P Oh well at least it is done. I then spent the afternoon doing copious amounts of laundry at the laundromat. 
Usually I make my husband carry the two huge army duffle bags up the two flights of stair to my apartment but today I decided that I would try it myself. They are so heavy!! Also being the lazy by nature creature that I am I decided to carry both up at the same time. It was tough and I had to stop at the first landing but hey I did it. I think that is progress mentally for me to say to myself "hey why not carry those up myself and get a little arm workout" I am thinking of it as a small step to health. 
I am now off to go babysit one of the children who used to be in the preschool room that I work in. He is now a big kindergartner so I see him rarely. Should be fun and hey babysitting is easy money if you are good at it! I actually love babysitting because I am getting paid to play with a child, and have fun. Love it!

I am going to bring a book to read while the little one is in bed but depending on when he actually goes to bed if I have time I may do some crunches, push ups, and squats. Of course I don't want to be caught doing them when the mom comes home!! How awkward haha. If you have kids how would you feel if you came home to your babysitter doing crunches while the child sleeps??

Have a good night, make good choices, and try to get off your butt a little but only if you are on team Angie!!


♥ Dee ♥ said...

A Team Member, reporting for duty!

Good on ya, with the laundry... and not because of what you DID, but because of the mind shift. It's true, it's all the little things that make up who we are. YOU are a healthy minded person.

Way to go!!

Criztawl said...

Good luck with the babysitting ... I use to do it a lot as a teenager and LOVED it!

BTW I really like your "but only if you're on team angie" made me chuckle!! Keep at it girl!

Tanya said...

I don't think mom would care. If the boy is in bed and sound asleep I couldn't care less if you were exercising. Now if he was screaming his fool head off and you were ignoring it...

Rosie said...

I'm the enemy (Team Lynn)... but I like your blog... :)

I think as long as the child is asleep there shouldn't be a problem. I would rather catch the babysitter doing exercise then digging through my stuff... if she catches you, and your comfortable enough let her know you're working on getting healthier... I can not see someone getting mad over that.