Saturday, January 31, 2009

Umm tomorrow.

Today was ok, I ate without counting again but overall it was a pretty typical day. I had a big salad for lunch and a sandwich for dinner, so nothing really too damaging today although I was a little heavy on snacking.

I think that I have decided to use my no weigh in pass this week because I think that seeing a gain would just send me over the edge. Although for all I know I could have a loss because I haven't really been weighing myself today but I think that it would be doubtful. I am not really sure how not weighing in will effect my BLBE contribution but I will have to ask Angie about it.

I feel exhausted and just overall sluggish. I know it is from my poor health habits and therefore I know how to fix it. Tomorrow starts my new weight watchers week and I am going to focus on that. It is a new start every week and so I will treat it that way.

By the way I do plan on going to my meeting even though I am not weighing in because I know that it will help me get back on the right track.

I have a little homework to do tomorrow and I think that I will head over to the bookstore to focus and get it done. I am also going to browse and purchase a book that will help me feel motivated. Any tips for a feel good/motivation book?

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Andrea said...

I like health books, but I don't really have any favorites though so I'm not much help, sorry.
I think it's okay if you have some days where you don't really track what you eat, but just be careful that you don't eat WAY too much until you're stuffed. I have had days like that before where I eat WAY too much food and I ate the wrong foods (foods that are jumk food). I would then get upset with myself for not tracking what I ate. Even though I had an off day, I also didn't beat myself up about it either. Each day is a new day. You're doing a good job. Remember that!