Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sicky Poo

I just woke up, yea it is almost 5pm. What ever was happening with my stomach craps yesterday got me again this morning. I didn't sleep all night I was in pain so I took a tylenol pm which didn't really work. I got up at 11 and could barely stand up my stomach hurt so bad. I ate a sandwich thinking it might help. I headed to the tub thinking that the hot water would soothe the pain, it helped a little and then I went back to bed. You know I am sick when I cant even read my fav blogs in bed. 

I am feeling a lot better now but I have to say I am so perplexed as to what is going on with my body. I still have a headache/possible fever(can't find my thermometer) so I am laying in bed with a cold cloth on my head. I am still very achey but it is such an improvement from what I felt this afternoon that I can function. 
I have only used 5 points today so I know I can have something really comforting for dinner and not feel overly bad about it. I am thinking spaghetti. It's the only thing the husband can cook and I am not cooking today thats for sure. I am not really hungry at all but I know that I need to eat.  All of a sudden Spaghetti for dinner is sounding really gross. I don't know maybe some soup. We will see. 
I hope you are all doing much better than I am! Take care of your bodies. 


♥ Dee ♥ said...

Poor you! How about some tomato soup and grilled cheese sammich?

totegirl said...

Oh no! You need to eat! You poor thing. Feel better soon!

Bee said...

Hope you feel better. And, man, Dee hit it...ultimate comfort food is a grilled cheese with tomato soup!

Rosie said...

Get Well Soon