Saturday, January 3, 2009


I just realized something that I thought I would share with you guys, do you have Netflicks? I do and I had never thought to look for work out DVDs on it before today. There are some good ones, including some that you can stream on your computer right away. A good way to test out a DVD and see if it is worth buying for sure! I think I will add the JM 30 day Shred since it has gotten such good reviews online. 

Of course it would also be good if I used the ones I already own..oops. I have the Jillian M frontside and backside DVDs, as well as a firm resistance band workout, and a walk away the pounds DVD that I haven't even opened yet! I think I may have to make a plan to get those into rotation. Maybe workout dvd night once a week to start? 

Ok so weekly goals for this week are...
-Do one complete workout Dvd 
-Do yoga once this week
- Drink 64oz of water a day
- Lose 1lb


Criztawl said...

I LOVE the Walk Away the Pounds DVD's ... I have quite a few. I really suggest you opening it and giving it a try :)

♥ Dee ♥ said...

Totally doable!!