Monday, January 12, 2009

Night snacking-answers

I think that I have found something to try to curb my night time snacking. I found this tip on the weight watchers site, it was actually one of the plateau beating tools. It says that you set ground rules to beat what is holding you back, so for my night time eating it would be that I eat only in the kitchen. 
That means no sneaking into the kitchen on commercial breaks and grabbing something. If I am really hungry then I won't mind sitting in the kitchen while I eat it. However if my favorite show is on then I am not going to want to miss it unless I am really really hungry. 
I have to admit that we are eat dinner in front of the tv types of people and that has to stop. I am going to extend this rule to say that no food leaves the kitchen. We will eat at the table, snack at the table, and be able to focus on what we are eating. Maybe even get some dinner music to relax to. I am going to run the dinner idea past the husband and I will let you know how the kitchen only snacking  works. 


H-woman said...

A great idea! I don't have a kitchen table anymore...I might need to revisit that.

H =)

Criztawl said...

I wish I could do that ... sadly our kitchen table faces the TV :( Best of luck with the kitchen eating!

Marcy said...

Great tip! I noticed my nighttime snacking is tied up in my tv watching as well. Last night I even PAUSED the commercials to make sure I had enough time to find something to eat *eye roll* So clearly the DVR may be a hinderance on this - but at least I can get the "eating in the kitchen part right"

karen said...

Hopefully your husband responds better than Tom did! I think we lasted 3 whole meals before we landed back in front of the tv.