Monday, January 19, 2009

Down 1.2

So so so you may have noticed on my weight chart that I am down 1.2 this week. I am happy with that number even though it is hard to adjust my mind to being happy with such a small loss. I think I tend to focus on the big picture which isn't a great idea with weight loss. I am really trying to make sure I am thankful for the loss because 1.2 pounds is good, each little 1lb loss adds up and soon it will be 10lbs.  
I totally failed on eating breakfast this morning but with a good reason....I slept through it. I am however prepared for breakfasts the rest of the week. I bought apples, oatmeal, cereal, and granola bars so I have no excuse. 
The next challenge is packing meals for my long days at school. This is one thing I have always struggled with because it seems that I never want to eat what I pack. Then I end up eating junk on campus. I am thinking about leaving my debit card in the car so that I can't use it on junk food. 
Ah can you tell I am nervous for my first day back to school tomorrow?



Bre said...

Congrats on the loss! It is an awesome loss!!

Criztawl said...

Congrats on the loss ... ever pound counts.

I'm so with you on the lunch bit ... I pack my lunch and then when I'm at school the pizza and such looks so much better. Try to pick filling foods and snacks ... I take a lot of fruit and nuts!

Tanya said...

When I decided I was going to lose weight (again) back in September, I committed to giving myself a year this time. In that time I've had gains, bad days, heck, bad weeks yet I keep plugging away. Overall, I'm down but not as much as I'd like... but down is better than up!

Rosie said...

I'm the same way about packing my food then not wanting to eat it, instead wanting something not so points-friendly. Congrats on your 1.2 loss!

Rebecca said...

great job on the loss :)

Kud said...

That's a great loss. Think of it in terms of 3500 calories/pound and you somehow managed to create a deficit of around 4200 calories. So I think that's awesome. And you should own every little loss that makes you feel healthier and more comfortable in your body.