Friday, January 23, 2009

I know what to do but I still haven't pulled my self together yet this evening. I am not doing anything horrid but I am still wanting to eat everything in sight. I didn't get on the treadmill and I am still drinking my diet coke. ( I feel like the little child who always tells on themselves) I know that I have some underlying stress and anxiety over my school stuff but I am dealing with it the best I can.

I want to get on the treadmill but I feel totally crappy. I am coming off my period, I feel bloated, and lazy. I am writing today off. It is a wasted day as far as health goes and i think I am just going to go to bed with a book. I already bubble bathed (yes I used it as a verb)trying to stop my mindless eating, I tried chewing minty gum, and bed is my last save my healthy diet resort. PS how sad is that?

My plan for tomorrow is to get up at a reasonable hour (9ish) and eat breakfast. I need to devote about 2-3 hours to homework and then I should be pretty free for the weekend. I've decided since today was such bust I am going to make the most of my weekend. I weigh in on Sunday and I need to get it together. So I have decided to set some weekend goals.

1. Drink 90%water
2. Get my homework done Saturday (mental health)
3. Treadmill at least 1 hour total
4. Do one workout dvd
5. Get up by 9am
6. Watch a movie with the husband

Some goals are easier than others but none the less they are all part of a healthy weekend whether it is for my mental or physical health. But really are mental and physical two parts of just health?


TJ said...

Good luck with your weekend goals. My elliptical is staring me down right now. Guess I better get to it. :)

Losing Myself said...

I think the weekend plans sound just wonderful. It is equally important to take care of the mental health as well as the physical health.

Kud said...

I hope you manage to relax and work through the stress and get to the weekend goals like I know you can. I hope your weigh-in goes fantastically!