Saturday, January 17, 2009

Breakfast? Is it really necessary?

I'll admit it, I don't really eat breakfast. I am a get out of bed and be out the door in 45minutes kind of girl. I could make time by getting up earlier but it takes me about 2 hours before I can feel like eating in the morning. There is nothing that is appealing to me in the morning. 
With that being said I know that it is recommended to eat breakfast but to me it seems like if I can go without using points on breakfast that leaves me with even more points for the rest of the day. I guess what I am wondering is it hurting my weight loss? Sometimes I have coffee, won't that get my metabolism going, the same as eating? Can drinking something (like milk or creamer) make up for not eating breakfast?


Criztawl said...

I use to never eat breakfast until I met Liam. I slowly started eating something in the morning and honestly I feel better throughout the day now. I believe that Breakfast is the most important part of the day ... if you eat the right things you can go a long time without eating, you feel better and your metabolism gets kicked into start right away. Caffeine I would think isn't that good to be drinking in the morning and counting that as your breakfast ...

Maybe start small??

Kud said...

I think that breakfast serves the function of jump-starting your metabolism, and getting your blood glucose levels stabilized which are at that point in the morning pretty low. I have two philosophies:
1. I do not think we should eat unless we're hungry. And that applies to almost any time of day.
but I do know that
2. We need to jump start our metabolism and regulate our glucose levels to make sure we don't binge later.

I would experiment with this and eat breakfast, and see how I eat throughout the day for maybe a week. If you feel better, and are eating less/healthier then do it. If it hasn't changed anything and you just feel like it hasn't impacted anything, then i say, stick to what you're used to.

Sorry this ended up being so long. Hope that helps.

Roni said...

I'd grab just a piece of fruit. An apple or pear is GREAT on the run. Plus you get a fruit in. :)

Joanne said...

I used to never be a breakfast eater perfunctory cup of coffee was my get-me-up. Once I really set about trying to lose weight, however, I read so much about eating breakfast that I decided to give it a try. That was over a year ago, and now breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! Like Roni said, even if you just grab a piece of fruit or a meal bar or some instant oatmeal, something is better than nothing!


For years I didn't eat breakfast because I was the same way -- wake up and get out the door ASAP. Eff breakfast. I started because everyone said it would make a difference with my weight loss and it did. I can tell a big difference when I eat breakfast. It helps me wake up faster and doesn't leave me STARVING by lunch time, which helps me make better choices during my lunch break. That said, I still don't eat much -- a bowl of instant oatmeal and a piece of fruit and I'm good to go. Sometimes I try to get by with a latte as breakfast but it's never quite the same.

Jess' s Food Coma said...

OK you guys got me! I will make it my weekly goal to eat something for breakfast everyday! I do find that if I eat something for breakfast I am starving by 10, I guess thats my metabolism kicking in.

Anyways Thanks for the advice, tomorrow BREAKFAST!