Sunday, January 11, 2009


Sometimes after a long hard dieting and workout week I look at my  body and I think why am I still fat. It is such a hard concept to think that losing weight doesn't just happen, it is a process. I look at my stomach and think where did all this come from and why won't it go away. How can you wrap your head around it. How do I see progress with so far yet to go?
I know that I can gauge progress by taking measurements, seeing change in my choices, and how I feel in general but how do you catch the mental up with the physical?
I like the concept of weight loss being calories in vs. calories out however that isn't even really true. If I don't eat enough my weight loss stops/ plateaus, even if I eat my points I have to take into consideration how to use my activity points. Do I use my 35 flex points or not? I know I can but then why aren't they part of my daily points? It can really be a lot to think about and calculate if you let yourself. 
Please know that this is not a blog asking for answers I know all the basic answers to these questions. It is just to put it all out there and hopefully I am not the only one who thinks these things. I am really trying hard to not let myself become obsessed the numbers, so I figured that by writing these thoughts out then maybe they will deflate and not become an issue. 

Take care and have a healthy Sunday!


Squishy ! said...

Yeah, sometimes it just helps to say it out loud and work through the thoughts. :o )

Krissy said...

I find lots of answers when I talk to myself, so I completely get wanting to write your thoughts down.

JER29ELEVEN said...

I'm always reflecting on these sorts of things, too. It really helps to organize your thoughts like that.

Kud said...

I ask some of these same questions. Why can't I just get the hang of it? Why do I self sabotage even if I want to be thinner? Why is happiness not motivation enough? Etc. etc. etc. But remember--we're all built differently. We should always aim to reach the best physical shape that OUR body can handle. And celebrate the little stuff. Feel happy that you did the right thing for your body each day that you eat what your body needs. I think having a blog is the right step in the direction to better understand ourselves as human beings and particularly human beings with weight issues. c