Tuesday, January 6, 2009


All righty kids its on..I am a team Angie girl and so ready for it! Please feel free to leave me a note if you are on my team I am always looking for people to share motivation with!

On a similar note I did 30 min on the treadmill, and met another weekly goal of completing on of my dvds (other than yoga). I did the The Firm Cardio Strength training video. I'm not going ot lie it totally kicked my ass and I was mad. There was one part that I just wasn't able to do it killed me. but to look on the bright side I am looking at it as a challenge. Next time I will be able to complete it and that will feel extra good. 

I still may do my yoga dvd before bed. It is a pretty easy beginner routine and it relaxes me more than I would have ever believed. I may become a yoga fanatic yet!

By the way can you tell I am not working today? 3 posts in one day!! Love it!


Marisa said...

Hi Jess - I'm Marisa! I'm Team Angie, too! Looking forward to this challenge; I need the butt kickin!

Great job on your workouts!

♥ Dee ♥ said...

Me, too!! And it's my buttkick that got Marisa here... lol.

I'm kinda pushy that way. *grin*

Middle-aged mom said...

I'm on Team Angie with you! Go, team! Good for you for getting on the treadmill. I'm willing to walk outside as long as it's above freezing, but I may need to clean off the treadmill for tomorrow. We're supposed to be getting a snowstorm and I'm not walking while the plows are out.

If you're going to be doing exercise videos as well, though, I may have to hit the library for some DVDs, or check out that FitTV channel on the cable lineup! :D

Sue said...

I'm Shrinking Sue on Team Angie, adn I am really happy to be here. Go Marisa....kick butt on that treadmill! :)

Rebecca said...

Go Team Angie!!! And Go you for spending your day off doing lots of healthy behaviors!

karen said...

Hooray for Team Angie!!! We can do this!!! I may do it a little slower than some, but that's cool too ;)

betseydoodle said...

Go team Angie! I'm really enjoying "meeting" my other team members!
Great job on your workouts!

totegirl said...

Haha! Yeah, loving the 3 posts! I'm so damn glad the funding came through for your job! Enjoy your time off and keep up the good work!

Sarah said...

Team Angie is going to ROCK !!!

Kud said...

Hey there!!

I'm on team angie too!! GO US! I need some motivation from you to work out my body on the exercise front :D

Nancy said...

Lol, if I wasn't working today, I'd probably go mental with the blog posts too :)

I'm also on Angie's team and I'm doing everything I can to get a big loss this weekend.

Go, Team Angie!!

Great job on the activity/workouts!