Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ready set Goal

SO I have been giving the BLBE experience some real thought today. I would say I have about fifty pounds to lose total to be where I want to be in my weight. It would put me into the healthy range which means a lot to me. It would just be amazing to be able to say I AM HEALTHY!! 
That being said I know that I am not going to lose 50 pounds in 16 weeks, I know that would not be healthy.
 I think realistically I want to aim for twenty pounds that is just a little over a pound a week, totally doable as long as I don't plateau at 175 like usual. My plan is do completely jump over 175 so it won't be a problem, yeah as if it is that easy. 
 If I drop 20lbs it will put me in the high 160's which would be amazing. It have been probably 5 years since I saw 160-something on the scale and I am ready for it! By the way I have this ongoing (I've been trying for about a year) deal with my husband that if I lose 50lbs then we will go to Jamaica and stay at one of those all inclusive resorts. He basically hates sand, ocean, hot weather, and leaving the house so it is a pretty big effort on his part. So 20lbs is almost half way to that goal, not too shabby! 


Criztawl said...

That is an awesome goal ... 20lbs is definitely doable!! You are going to rock this challenge ...

Rosie said...

I have about the same amount to lose also... I'm aiming for 20 during this blbe challenge. We can do it.

Rachel said...

Oooo! Good incentive! Maybe it's because I teach elementary school, but I'm all about incentives. When my boyfriend and I reach goal (he doesn't really have much to lose, so it's on me) we're going to a guy friendly spa somewhere...I think Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC.
Cute blog :)

betseydoodle said...

We're about the same weight too! 20 pounds would make an awesome difference - and it's doable within 16 weeks (without killing oneself & family during the process)

Team Angie kicks it!