Thursday, January 15, 2009


Still recovering today, but I am feeling much better. Believe it or not but I actually wanted to exercise today. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling well enough to do anything. I am hopeful that tomorrow I will at least be able to get in some treadmill time.
 I have been thinking about using the Wendie Plan in the coming month just to mix things up. I am doing a slight modification of it this week, simply having one high point day (today)followed by a low point day to see what will happen. Weigh in is on Sunday so here is hoping for a decent loss to make up for last weeks slightly disappointing number. 
As many of you might know I keep my weekly weight loss goals are pretty low at one pound per week. I am trying to except this as a slow and steady process in which to change my relationship with food. Anything more than the one pound is simply a bonus to me.


Rosie said...

Glad to read you're feeling better.

carla said...

delurking as your sentence so struck me. it is so much more about the relationship change than the weight---as once that shifts the weight will simply come off.


Julie said...

I have done the Wendie plan and it has worked very well for me.
It helped me get over a hump in the road.

Glad to see you are feeling better.

Linda said...

Stopping by to fellow A Teamers to show support...I'm struggling right now but I'm hoping reading the A-Team blogs will help me out. Hope you're kicking a$$ and taking names!

"The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph!" By Marvin Phillips