Monday, January 5, 2009


So I went to Victoria's Secret today to get a new bra, picked out three I thought would work and headed to the fitting room. On my way in I made the mistake of asking the sales associate if she could find me the bra I was wearing because I wasn't sure exactly what it's name was. She checked my tag and went to find me one. 
When she came back she and gave me the bra I put it on...knock knock knock. Me- Uh yeah? with the door cracked. In she walks, PANIC!! I have no shirt on!!! She checked the fit and stood there chatting with me. It was so Awkward!! Every bra I tried I rushed but she kept checking on me and coming in. It was really horrifying for me. SHe was just doing her job, she wasn't really pushy, and she was really comfortable. 
It wasn't as traumatic as I thought it would be but next time I will probably say I am ok on my own. It was basically my worst fat girl nightmare for another person (besides my husband) seeing my stomach, stretchmarks and all. 
It did however make me feel a little better that a month ago I would have looked much worse. I was also a little proud that I was able to stand there topless and talk to the sales associate without dying. I guess thats progress. 


Andrea said...

Wow! I would've probably freaked out haha.

♥ Dee ♥ said...

LOL... you lived! AbsoLUTELY that's progress!!

Criztawl said...

I went bra shopping today too ... I was close to having the lady help me but I just tried on one bra really fast. As I went to open the door she was about to knock ... eep.

I really do need to let one of them come in sometime though so I can get a proper fitting.