Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Done finally..

I have been cleaning all day! Organizing my pantry, hallway, kitchen, and bathroom to boot! I felt nice to get things done and I was able to clear out some stuff to send to goodwill. Sometimes it feels good to purge your life of stuff you just don't need. My to do list for the week is shrinking quickly!!

On the food front I had some soup for lunch and dinner was pizza hut (personal pan veggie) which is an amazingly different choice from what I would have eaten before! Lets just say it WOULD have been half of a large pepperoni pizza, extra cheese yes please!. I am still sitting comfy with 2 points to spare for an evening snack. 

PS my inner thighs are killing me from all those squats last night!


Sue said...

Way to go on the treadmill and then doing squats besides?? You are amazing girl! Keep up the great work...both eating and exercising!

Julie said...

Sounds like you had a productive day!
GO team Angie!!!
Looking forward to following your blog.