Monday, January 12, 2009

DIet Coke is good

Some of you may remember not too long ago when I quit drinking diet coke for about 4 months. I quit cold turkey and it wasn't that hard for me even though I was drinking 6-10 cans a day. I ended up drinking it again because it was a "free" sweet treat while I was on weight watchers. 
As you may have guessed I am thinking about stopping my dc habit. I am drinking 2-4 a day now which is a vast improvement from before. I still hate the idea of being addicted to something, and DC is adictive for me. I crave it when I am stressed, happy, and bored. 
Yes it is a seemingly safe diet treat but water is better. I feel better when I drink more water. I want to note that it isn't a fake sugar issue with me, I understand the risks of fake sugar but it is my choice to use or not use them. When I drink my water I usually use a flavor packet to help me from getting water bored. I am currently in love with sugar free grape kool-aid. As a matter of fact I have bee choosing the sf kool-aid over the DC lately and I am ok with that. 
So  some of my goals lately have been to cut down on my dc and to drink more water, I am going to stick with that same idea. I am going to try to cut down to 1 diet Coke a day until my supply is gone. I have about 3 left in the box. Then I will see how I feel and maybe not buy any more fridge packs. I may drink it when I am out at dinner, or pick up a bottle at the store when I am running errands but I want it to become a treat rather than an addiction. 
I am a big fan of moderation and that is what I am working on in my life. I want to make eating out a special occasion or treat. I want to eat cake but not just because it is there rather because it is a treat. I want to make these things special. When you eat out all the time you don't even enjoy it as much, if you ate cake everyday it would get boring (maybe), I don't have to work out 5 hours a day, but 30min to an hour is good. It is time to realize that moderation is key. 

On another note I am down 2lbs today, but since I was up 1.2 last week it is really just a .8 loss but I am ok with it. I worked really hard this week and just because it didn't necessarily show up this week, maybe next week it will. Either way it was a loss not a gain! 

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Criztawl said...

Congratualtions on your loss. I've tried to cut out all diet foods ... only because of finding out that aspertame turns into fermaldahyde (sp?) in our bodies ... *gag*