Sunday, January 11, 2009

night snacking

Night munchies are getting me down and I hate it. I feel so compulsive in my night time eating lately. I really need to shut down my kitchen at 7pm and stick to it.
 I have tried taking a bath, chewing gum, brushing my teeth, drinking fluids, and watching tv to take my mind off eating but it isn't working. It also seems like the second I decide to have one snack I need to keep snacking. I cannot seem to get satisfied. I know that my dinner was fine/enough to hold me through but it is just mindless wanting. 
Anyone have any other ideas to curb night time snacking?

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Fatinah said...

if I have snacking on my mind - NOTHING will work as a substitute. All I can do is have a SMALL portion of what I'm craving, count it, and move on....I keep a stash of 100 calorie chips in the house for these occassions