Friday, January 9, 2009

It's Ladies night...

So I just got the call that the girls are going out tonight for dinner and drinks at a local pub. CRAP! Let me explain, we are going to one of my favorite eateries where fried is the way to go. They are prized for their buffalo wings, burgers, and local brew beer. My favorite is a buffalo chicken sandwich with ranch and homemade fries!! YUM! I am literally drooling thinking about it. What to do what to do. 
I know that ordering the usual is not a good choice but man is it good. I know you are all probably thinking that I could find a lighter option on the menu but I'm not so sure there is anything that I would eat. I have issues with ordering a salad at a restaurant because I am cheap and would rather pay $12 for a burger than lettuce. Besides most of the time the dressing is 10 points on its own! 

Ok excuses much? Yeah. I am going to give it some more thought and see if I can come up with a plan. I wonder how many points the above meal would be? Maybe 25?It is fried, breaded, coated in buffalo, with ranch on a bun. about 10 round cut fries. Please let me know what you think.

I am off to do something to earn some activity points!

EDIT- By the way I am not a big drinker so I will save some calories there and drink Diet Coke!


hannah katherine said...

hey jess. i know the salad sounds like it sucks, but could you maybe stick to light beer and appetizers to at least cut down on some? i dont know - rereading that suggestion i know i could stick to light beer but sometimes too many appetizers is just as filling as a burger! good luck making a good choice - i know you can do it!

Caroline said...

My husband has a favorite place for pizza and fries with the 11 yr old son. It is part of their time together. We talked about it, and decided that if he doesn't use *any* flex points (much) and accumulates activity points, we'll count that outing as his flex points once a month. Maybe you could do something like that. I don't want to be an enabler, but I know friends can be important to progress, and completely abandoning your regular activities will just tempt you back to them. If you can keep the outings to a minimum, I would say go for it. If indulging is going to make it that much more difficult to follow your plan tomorrow and next week, then pass.

Kari said...

I say go out with the girls, skip the drinks. How bout some water to wash out the crap your gonna eat? And I say gonna because I've learned it doesn't work to deprive. Order your sandwich and fries, BUT only eat half. Yep that's right. ONLY half. See if a friend will split the order with you so you don't have to take it home, and you won't feel like your wasting money. All things in moderation!

♥ Dee ♥ said...

What about asking for your burger to come wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun. Most places are prepared to accomodate the low carb craziness that went around. That will cut a couple hundred calories.

Also, ask for the ranch on the side, so you can add your own. Then only use a little bit. Another couple hundred calories cut.

Ask for only half the amount of fries. ANOTHER couple hundred calories off.

You can totally do this AND enjoy your meal!!